On Monday 2 September 2013 the official opening of the intensive course on “Energy Saving for Environmental Protection and Control”, has been held in Genoa, in the Training Classroom of the SSSI, Support Service for International Strategies of the University of Genoa. The course is organized in the framework of the project «GREENMA - LLL Training and Master in Innovative Technologies for Energy Saving and Environmental Control for Russian Universities, involving Stakeholders. Green Master», funded under the Tempus program, coordinated and managed by the SSSI.

The course, to be concluded by November 2013 and oriented to twenty-four junior teaching staff from eleven Russian University, is an essential part within the project, to be completed in October 2015, namely by the establishment of the "Master program in Innovative Technologies for Environmental Control and Sustainable Development".

The ceremony has been presided over by the Vice-Rector, Prof. Maurizio Martelli, and by whom so far has significantly contributed to the project activities: Prof. Gustavo Capannelli, Prof. Pietro Zunino and Prof. Luca Antonio Tagliafico.

Tempus programme LogoThe Tempus programme (Trans-European Mobility Scheme for University Studies) aims at promoting the development of higher education systems in the Partner Countries of the former USSR and the Mediterranean area, committing the EU Member States and the Partner Countries in a cooperation oriented towards curricular reform and governance modernization.

Objectives of GREENMA Project are:

  • To create a Europe - Russia network on "Sustainable Development Shared Virtual Space"
  • To spread and promote the «Sustainable Development» EU policies with reference to Energy Saving for Environmental Protection issues
  • To enhance the leading role of Higher Education Institutions in Energy Saving and Environmental Control policies and to strengthen "university / society / labour market" links.

In addition to the Russian Universities spreading the Russian territory from Moscow to the Urals, the consortium is composed by Russian outstanding stakeholders’ institutions and by: University of Genova (as coordinator), TICASS Consortium in Genova, City University of London, Silesian University of Technology and Universidad de Alicante.
For further info on the «GREENMA» Tempus project it is possible to contact the project coordinator, Mr. Angelo Musaio, Support Service for International Strategies,

Angelo Musaio
Michela Parodi
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