Archaeology of sharing practices. Matters of ownership and the social construction of space

Quarto workshop annuale del progetto ERC Antigone "Archaeology of sharing practices. Matters of ownership and the social construction of space".

Starting from the idea that “exchange is what creates value”, this workshop aims at providing an opportunity to discuss issues related to archaeological interpretation, comparing research from different chronological and disciplinary perspectives.
The workshop is organized within the framework of the ANTIGONE and the KORE projects, which address the relationship between changes in practices to manage and activate environmental resources and population dynamics, considering the timespan between 17th and 21st c.


  • 17 Aprile 2024

9:15 – Institutional greetings
Raffaele Mellace, Dean of the School of Humanities
Laura Gaggero, Vice rector for the research
Silvia Pallecchi, DAFIST Director
Laura Canesi - DISTAV Directorate
9:45 – Introduction
Anna Maria Stagno, The Archaeology of sharing practices. Changes in practices, tools and the social dimension
10:30 – Coffee break
Session 1: To argue perchance to share: spaces and resources as contested objects
11:00 – Round table chaired by Matteo Tacca
Introductory talks and participants: Josu Narbarte Hernàndez (University of the Basque Country), Nathan Brenu, Giulia Beltrametti (Università di Roma Tre), Maria Relaki (Open University)
12:30 – Buffet lunch
14:00 – Keynote Ian Hodder (Stanford University), Why do we talk about things when there are just flows
15:00 – General discussion
15:30 – Coffee break
Session 2: Continuities and discon-tinuities in practices, settlements and landscapes
16:00 – Round table chaired by Alessandro Panetta (CNR-ISEM, Cagliari)
Introductory talks and participants: Giulia Bizzarri, Enrico Giannitrapani (Università di Palermo, Arkeos, Enna), Chiara Molinari, Andrés Menéndez Blanco (Universidad de Oviedo), Eva Svensson (University of Karlstad), Carlo Montanari, Laura Gago-Choren

  • 18 Aprile 2024

Session 3 – Intersection and ideas: between philosophy, archaeology and history
9:00 – Round table chaired by Anna Maria Stagno
Introductory talks and participants:  Corrado Fumagalli, José Abellan Santiesteban (Universidad de Granada), Despoina Katapoti (Πανεπιστήμιο Αιγαίου), Eltjana Shkreli, Vittorio Tigrino (Università del Piemonte Orientale)
10:30 – Coffee break
Session 4 – Abandonment as a process

11:00 – Round table chaired by Sabina Ghislandi
Introductory talks and participants: Gabriele Gattiglia (Università di Pisa), Margarita Fernández-Mier (Universidad de Oviedo), Caterina Piu, Alessandro Panetta (CNR-ISEM, Cagliari), Diego Moreno, Ylenia Paciotti
12:30 – General discussionPlanning a future agenda (disciplinary workshops and conferences)
13:00 – Buffet lunch

  • 19 Aprile 2024

Excursion and fieldwork at the “Montagna di Fascia” (Monte Fasce and Colanesi)


Dal 17 al 19 aprile 2024

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Aula Magna, Via Balbi 2 - Genova
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Promotore: Laboratorio di Archeologia e Storia Ambientale