UniWeLab Hackathon

Do you care for Genova future development and you wanna be a part of it?

UniWeLab Hackathon – on 15th and 16th September 2021 – is a call for ideas in order to find innovative, creative and intelligent views on the future of Genova. Students, research fellows, PhD students from Engineering/Architecture and Design/Computer Science/Economy/Sociology/Media Studies UniGe Departments will have the opportunity to share and develop innovative ideas on sustainable development of the “Sopraelevata” infrastructure (Aldo Moro Street).

The main focus would be on how the “Sopraelevata” could become a sustainable infrastructure through innovative, responsible and dynamic proposals, thus reducing negative externalities, and balancing ecological and economical resilience, social and cultural aspects. The main goal is to re-think “Sopraelevata” infrastructure in terms of different ways to use it or in terms of making it more efficient and contemporary in case a new tunnel would be built underwater to link San Benigno and Calata Gadda, respectively Western and Eastern endpoints of Port area.

Which are its weaknesses? And how can we manage them? How could the “Sopraelevata” become a global “best practice” and represent an opportunity for the whole city?

These are just a few of the questions that need to be answered. How?

Join the contest! Participants have to create a short podcast (up to 7 minutes) to show and share their proposals.

This hackathon is organized by UniWeLab, a joint research lab by Università di Genova and Webuild, an international company born in Italy, operating in complex infrastructure sector, that has recently completed Genova San Giorgio Bridge project. The winning team would be awarded an internship (up to 6 months) at Webuild, a unique professional experience in one of the leader companies in this sector.

You just need to leave your mind wander and free your imagination!

To get further information, you can watch this video, where Martina tells you more about the contest.