Registrations open for the 2024 edition of SoSMSE, "School on Science Management for Scientists and Engineers"

Born in 2009 under the direction of prof. Mario Rocca, UniGe teacher of Physics of Matter, as a continuous learning program within the Erasmus programme, the SoSMSE – School on Science Management for Scientists and Engineers is an intensive training course, lasting two weeks, which aims to reduce the gap between the scientific and technical skills acquired by students during university studies and the challenges that graduates have to face in their careers, both in the academic and industrial fields. In other words, SoSMSE focuses on the need to promote the development of entrepreneurship starting from scientific education.

SoSMSE students

What do you learn at SoSMSE?

The School on Science Management for Scientists and Engineers aims to introduce students to the concept of Knowledge Transfer, i.e. how to take the first steps from the laboratory to the market reality, where the process, if started correctly, develops later on a Technology Transfer logic. The first steps after a Doctoral Thesis or Post doc are in fact fundamental for any further entrepreneurial project but unfortunately the mistakes made in this very first phase can be decisive for any further ambition.   present to students the paths to bridge the gap between academic training and the current needs of the job market, providing the ideas and skills necessary to start a business, transforming research results into a commercial product.

To achieve this objective, participants follow lessons, in English, on: Economy management, Project management, Empowering Communication Skills, Knowledge transfer, Copyright & Patent law, Fund rising, Research security, Digital tools for Research and Communication, Horizon Europe and Professional project.

All the School's speakers are scientists and engineers who have learned the subject they teach in the field, with years of practical experience, which gives their lessons a very operational edge.

SoSMSE pushes participants to think innovatively and outside the conventional box.

Who can register? How and when?

The 2024 edition of SoSMSE is open to anyone who has obtained a degree (at least the bachelor degree) in any university course of study in the technical and scientific sectors.

It is possible to register by 28 June 2024 by filling out an online form and attaching a short CV and a cover letter. To access the school, it is necessary to pay an enrollment fee of €1500.00, reduced to €500 for six students and doctoral students enrolled at UniGe.

The lessons take place from 8 to 19 July 2024 at the Polo Valle Puggia of the University of Genoa.