Deetechtive project (Deep Tech Talents – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support)

Deetechtive project (Deep Tech Talents – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support)

The project aims to transform participating Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) into institutions with significantly increased entrepreneurial and innovation capacity, thereby enhancing their impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

Deetechtive plans to:

  • extend support to five new start-ups/scale-ups;
  • train 725 students, 132 academics, and 132 non-academic staff;
  • act as mentors to 75 students, 39 academics, and 39 non-academic staff;
  • streamline 17 support structures and mechanisms.

These objectives will be achieved through six dedicated actions that boost innovativeness and entrepreneurial skills, as well as through the preparation of adaptation plans and the transfer of best practices among more experienced HEIs:

  1. Talent Hunter Space: Building an online platform for talent scouting, identifying the needs of the Deep Tech educational ecosystem, and training university staff to support students' career paths.
  2. Deep Tech Dates: Open meetings focused on fostering innovative skills and developing an entrepreneurial mindset in the Deep Tech sector.
  3. Start-up Booster: Providing dedicated services to Deep Tech start-ups and offering two months of individual support for their development.
  4. Deep Tech Innovation Challenges: Student challenges centered around Deep Tech solutions.
  5. International Open Innovation Training - IDEA-up Deep Tech: Online training for students and academic staff on Deep Tech, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

In support of the team MCAELab, led by Giovanni Berselli, and the AIP PWr, other participants in the project include the Holon Institute of Technology (Israel), the EPF School of Engineering (France), the Centria University of Applied Sciences (Finland), and the Institute of Technology Transfer (Poland).

di Claudia Ferretti